Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Smiles and The Laughters

I smile and I laugh. And I cried. I'm that kind of person who don't really hide my emotions. 

But I will smile and laugh more than I cry because I want people to remember me not for my sadness and tears, but for my happiness I've shown to them, regardless of how I feel most times. 

I guess that's all I can do. I'm not good with giving advice to people, not that strict as a person of authority, not that pious as a person of faith, not that supportive as a person whom teaching is my vocation. But all I have is my unabashed tendency to look at life and say , " this is too serious, let's just have a laugh and get it done". 

People in the end have to accept me for the imperfect person I am, just as I struggle to accept the imperfect me all this while. 

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